Bathmate After ding on the edge of the gully that he cut out with a bloody knife, the weeds at the feet are slowly burning.Hu Ding gently licked his right Bathmate After hand, smiled slightly, and the red eyes blinked again.The Lufeng ancient sword of Lumenhou is thick and steady, and the Bathmate After blade is wide and straight down.The ancient sword of Yan Bathmate After Tianling is a rare triangular Bathmate After structure that pierces straight.He saw two whirlwinds in his fists, wrapped two ancient swords in an instant, and then reached out to grab them.However, Yan Tianling s ancient sword suddenly moved forward for a very small distance, making the mistake of Hu Ding s judgment.Hu Ding immediately changed to capture, and both hands were wrapped in thick blood and shot to two ancient swords.The two ancient swords turned by the power of blood and avoided the tiger tripod.The wolf in the distance scared a cold sweat Bathmate After and said It turned out that he has not used the power of real name.Chapter 1501 Family Privilege The main attack of Hu Ding, Lumen Hou and Yu Tianling were guarded, and the two sides fought in front of the two strong There are no other people within a radius of ten miles, all of them are far away.The plac

e where they are is unrecognizable, as if they Bathmate After were hit by dozens of meteorites, there male sexual enhancement spray are huge holes and deep trenches everywhere. The readers found that Lumen Hou used a lip sword sword in the previous moment, and Yu Tianling used war poetry. After hundreds of interest, two people rotated, Lumen Hou used war poetry, and Qi Tianling used a lip gun sword. Lips volume tablets and swords Bathmate After save the talent, a college student can continue to use, but need to zynev male enhancement side effects use the control. War poetry consumes blackhorse edge male enhancement a lot of talent, but does not sizegenix male enhancement lowest price require the power of courage. After a quarter of an Bathmate After Bathmate After hour, the two university students were still calm, and the blood and blood of the tiger s body disappeared. The red and black enchanting flames became thinner, and only the Bathmate After body Bathmate After s blood and armor did not change. In the battle, Hu Ding was repeatedly injured by the strength of the war poetry or the sword, but he was able Bathmate After to avoid the key to the greatest extent possible. Even if his previous experience was rich, he would not apply to university students. The reason why he came to Kong Shengwen was because he was not sophisticated enough to control the power of the university level. Whether it is the level of power or the u

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se of blood, it has reached a very high level.It is almost the same as Lumenhou and Qi Tianling, so he has almost no weakness, from the very beginning.9 Txt A few times, Tiger Ding almost succeeded, and even broke the protective war poems of Yu Tianling and Lumen Bathmate After Hou, forcing them to use Wenbao to instantly protect themselves before they escaped.However, it takes at least one day for Wenbao to recover after using it.The three men are fighting, and the savage king screams suddenly Hu Ding, playing enough, and also forced the two men s college literary treasures almost, and the two should have a big literary treasure, with your own power I m afraid it s hard to force them to use it.Hu Ding stopped and stood on the devastated battlefield, smiling and looking at Bathmate After Yu Tianling.You are the people of the Afghan Bathmate After family, right You and I know that a holy family can destroy the barbarians who are ten times as many as the Confucianism.We can t kill you, don t dare to kill you, Bathmate After Bathmate After presumably you won t marry your family.The identity has forced us to retreat There have been other family members who Bathmate After have fought with us before, but no one has threatened our barbarians with the identity

of the family. This time, Bathmate After Bathmate After you will Bathmate After not break Bathmate After the rules of Kong Shengwenjie Yan penis enlarging tools Tianling did Bathmate After not answer, boss lion male enhancement warnings but said The two the best male enhancement no headaches armies are Bathmate After against each other, and the king is defeated. Hu Ding smiled and said Since you Bathmate After came to Kong Sanwenjie to sharpen yourself, I have already shot. What Bathmate After s more, if you leave the Pearl River area, best male enhancement pills for older men you can Going to the southwest, you can go to the northwest, go to the grassland, it is suitable for you top rated male enhancement 2017 to sharpen yourself. As for these literary people, that is the matter of our two literary circles. If you r