Definitionof Male Enhancement ood.Ge Yiming should have been handed over to the court and the prison, and Fang Xusheng used lynching, and Definitionof Male Enhancement he should be punished.You can judge this way Zong Ganyu immediately objected, and the punishment for using lynching and killing people was far from heaven.Chapter 1767 Definitionof Male Enhancement Military Work Offset Gao Mozheng said Zongjia, Gaomou and informal judgment, but to negotiate with you to punish update, website page is refreshing, advertising is small, no pop up window, favorite This kind of website must be praised.If it is a formal case, at least the East Shengge, the Li Dian and the Temple of the Definitionof Male Enhancement Three Halls will be gathered together, and even a half Sans appearance will be required.Since the court and the temple Definitionof Male Enhancement do not want to intervene in this matter, Definitionof Male Enhancement it can be handed Definitionof Male Enhancement over to my Dongsheng Pavilion.As a patriarch of the Qing Dynasty, he knew that he would definitely help the country.If Zong Sheng insisted on taking over the case, then there is no disagreement between the temple and the court.But at this moment, the sage is afraid to drink tea with the Confucius.The remaining clan members also noticed tha

t Zong Ganyu was in a dilemma. However, it is an indisputable fact that Zongsheng is in a dangerous moment. Now only children who are not sensible will pass the book to trouble Zongsheng. What s more, even if Zong Sheng got the news, he may not be willing Definitionof Male Enhancement to take over the case, because Zong Sheng peins enlargement has always loved make cum thicker the feathers, and the human tribes personally suppress the false saints, which will Definitionof Male Enhancement inevitably lead to a large number of scholars rebounding. Gao Mo immediately said Since Zongge is difficult to reply, the matter must be Definitionof Male Enhancement dominated by the Temple of Punishment and the Court of Dignity. Is it possible to kill the Tang Dynasty The Shile University is also using lynching If you regard the Fangyun killing the desert as a lynching, the old alphamax male enhancement man will pass top male enhancement herbs the holy house and ask for Definitionof Male Enhancement it. Open the crowd and even ask the family to go out Gao Mozheng said Two people and two things, can Definitionof Male Enhancement you talk about it First solve the problem of Ge Yiming, and then discuss the matter of Lei. If it is iron clad, I have no right to finalize the case, at least rev supplement male enhancement I have to wait for the Definitionof Male Enhancement old judgment of the Holy Court, and Definitionof Male Enhancement even open the public deba

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te, which is decided by the Confucianism or the monarch.Lei Definitionof Male Enhancement Tingzhen immediately said Please let Gaoge old end the case of Ge Yiming as soon as possible.Since Ting Zhenxiu asked for a Definitionof Male Enhancement quick review, the old man also hopes to solve the case quickly.However, now Lei Tingzhen and Zong Ganyu have joined forces to demand a quick solution, and the temple and the court are not good enough to continue to drag.Fang Yun thought about the number of interest, said There is no complexity in the case of Ge Yiming, and this holy agreement also agreed to close the case.After waiting for a few interest rates, he said Since both sides agreed that the case should be settled quickly, Gao Gao kept the original penalty.Unexpectedly, Ge Yiming repeatedly and the Qingjiang merchants treason, and the Definitionof Male Enhancement sacred sacred sin of the sin of the sin, should Definitionof Male Enhancement be punishable by felony, at least exile.However, without the instrument of the Holy Court, Ge Yiming will never sin for death.This matter should be sentenced to death by lynching according Definitionof Male Enhancement to the sacred sacred sin, so when exiles for thousands of miles, the time should be three years or more a

nd seven years or less. Wu Ge Lao raised his head slightly what are good male enhancement pills at gnc and said The virtual sacred slaying is a violation of the priests. Without bull man supplement for male enhancement the Definitionof Male Enhancement consent of the ceremonial hall, the stipulations of the Thirteen Classics are stipulated hundreds of times and the fines of silver are two million. Gao Mo then said Can you disagree Countless gaze looks at Zong Ganyu, Lei Tingzhen and Qingjun. Even those who are enemies with Fang Yun feel that this Definitionof Male Enhancement penalty has Definitionof Male Enhancement been fairly fair. After all, the square is a false sacred, and it has been exiled for male enhancement pills toronto thousands of years. On the contrary, those who support the party are somewhat dissatisfied, because even power x male enhancement ordinary people who accidentally kill others, as long as they surrender and obtain family understanding, will be exiled for up to Definitionof Male Enhancement seven years. Qing Jun looked at the other two, and Zong Ganyu looked at Lei Tingzhen. Lei Ting really hesitated for a while, saying The penalty hall and the court are fair and Definitionof Male Enhancement the Definitionof Male Enhancement Lei family has no objection. After the interest rate, Gao Mo said Since you have no best male enhancement pill 2019 objections, as long as Fang Xusheng does not oppose, then Definitionof Male Enhancement the case will be closed. Please ask Gao G