Dick Size Pills lly the pure power.Many readers don t know much about Confucius s Family Language, so some people think it is a fake.But this book records many Confucius words and deeds that are not recorded in the Analects and other books, in terms of length, comprehensiveness and level of detail.For example, Confucius Family Language ranks first among all the books that record Confucius words and deeds.The original book of Confucius Dick Size Pills s Family is in the Confucius Temple, but because it is a holy book, you can use the power of the Holy Spirit to use the output of the ontology to differentiate a book.Because this book is translucent, like Dick Size Pills the shadow of the body, it is also Called the sacred object projection.Many demon people are afraid of Dick Size Pills ice, but there are also many demon people who are blind, because all the holy books related to Confucius have a very high value, not only can they be exchanged from the Dick Size Pills demon world to Dick Size Pills a large number of benefits, if they can be contaminated, they will become The powerful treasures that you can use, even if they are not defaced, can be taken out at special times to wash your mind and prevent madness.However, the biggest role of this kind of book Dick Size Pills is to

become the amulet of the former residence of the saints. The former residence of any saint will be annihilated by powerful forces, but with this kind of holy book, even the demon can camouflage Adults Dick Size Pills enter, thus gaining more benefits and even occupying their home. During the first Battle of the Two Worlds, the Yaozu even transformed the two semi sheng s former residences into air bastions, which formed an unbearable blow to the Terran. At the end, Chen Guanhai platinum 3000 male enhancement sex pill natural no headache fast acting single pack smashed the two former houses of the Holy Dick Size Pills rhino xl pill Sepulchre. The Great Confucian and the university scholars under the Ice Palace began Dick Size Pills to recite Dick Size Pills their own sacred classics in front of them. The texts they draw are different, but they don t just make people feel confused, but male extenze they make penise enlargement pills people Dick Size Pills feel orderly. The content they read is from each family, out of different premier seng male enhancement congregations, but everyone can clearly hear every word and quickly understand the basic meaning. In addition to a Dick Size Pills few demon and ice people showing impatience, desperately resisting their chanting voices, most demon people are listening carefully, Dick Size Pills remembering with their heart, there are some demon people, even the eyebrows, and they like their reading Even the impa

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tience of the demon like icers did not come forward against the destruction, because Confucianism is different from those of the ecclesiastical, the ecclesiasm is best at Dick Size Pills confusing people, or lure with money, or lie to death for eternal life, or Extremely exclusive.From being unprofitable, Dick Size Pills with the hundred flowers blooming, it is becoming more and more tolerant.Many demon people have even increased their strength by learning Confucianism and the hundred classics.For a period of time, the demon world rumors that reading the holy scriptures Dick Size Pills can increase the possibility of Dick Size Pills the big demon king to seal the holy, which led to the demon kings at that time to learn.Later, the demon sages had to join forces to refute this kind of Dick Size Pills remarks, and began to intensify their efforts to promote the serious Dick Size Pills consequences of reading the tribes of the Terran, to create various events, and finally to stop the ethos of Confucianism.However, until now, there are still a lot of demon people who are studying Confucian classics in secret.People like the Fox and Yi people can learn Confucian classics in the family.Chapter 1845 Lucky People After a while, not only the humanistic university students

and the great Confucian Dick Size Pills scholars under the ice palace began Dick Size Pills to read the Dick Size Pills holy classics, but also the human Dick Size Pills race ant sex pill camp area in the distance began to change. cc Update is fast, the website page is refreshing, and there are few advertisements. Fang Xu Sheng is in trouble, I am so powerless, but I can recite the holy classics, blend with the strength of the university and Dick Size Pills the Confucianism, help him to concentrate and reduce accidents One after another, the sound of the spring thunder burst in the crowd. Quick and fast, read the a w male enhancement classics I am coming to Mencius I lick Mozi I want to read Spring and Autumn Come, let s recite this The Analects of Confucius together, and I how to make your penis thicker will start Dick Size Pills One In the camp that side effects of male enhancement and prescription was originally in full swing, the Terran scholars continued to work while recited the classics of the people. Some women who read a lot of books can t recite, some are embarrassed, but soon some women who read poetry began Dick Size Pills to lead them, and they recited one sentence and male sex enhancement pills canada let other women follow it. Those children, regardless of gender, gather together and shake their heads to recite the holy classics. Many children clenched their fists, their faces were red, and they tried th