Extacy Male Enhancement Pills tum has been laid down by Fang Yun s words.He hesitated for a long time Extacy Male Enhancement Pills and said Students understanding of the core may not be the same as yours.Fang Yun nodded and said You said it is good, but with a more comprehensive statement, the core Extacy Male Enhancement Pills of the text is instrumental.Language itself is a tool, communication The most basic tool, and the text, is also a tool to carry Extacy Male Enhancement Pills information, let us communicate accurately.But in addition to the instrumentality, the text is artistic, such as calligraphy, you can show the ultimate beauty of the text.To be a feature, far from the core, can you understand Students understand.The development of human scriptures has been enhancing its instrumentality.For example, Zhong Dingwen is very simple, but because it is too simple to carry effective information, the Terran constantly complicates it and has a big deal.In the Qin Dynasty, in order to facilitate the study of Extacy Male Enhancement Pills the human race.In order to be more practical, Qin Huang and Li Si simplified the Extacy Male Enhancement Pills big shackles and created a small shackle.Then, the Terran continued to strengthen the instrumentality of Xiao Yan, but Xiao Yan wrote inconveniently and the font Extacy Male Enhancement Pills shape was complicat

ed, so there was a librarian that was easier to write. cc A lot of good looking novels It is difficult to study where the Lishu comes from, but there is a historical record. The real implementation of Lishu is Extacy Male Enhancement Pills the official who often Extacy Male Enhancement Pills uses words in the government. They write a lot of text every day, the most clear of which The pros otc sex pills that work and cons Extacy Male Enhancement Pills of the text. After being replaced by Lishu, has it completely disappeared Is the Terran created a Lishu to destroy Xiaoyan No. This is the uniqueness of natural male stimulants Chinese characters, not only instrumental but also artistic. Then the core of Xiaoyan is transformed from instrumental to artistic, and Extacy Male Enhancement Pills more suitable for calligraphy works or ed natural remedies seals, instead Extacy Male Enhancement Pills prosolution plus side effects of exchanging information. Therefore, the current Xiaoyan is not so much a tool for carrying information. Knowing what to give up, what to change and what to accept, can progress, and the self styled souls will be eliminated andro male enhancement pill review by the Extacy Male Enhancement Pills Wanjie. Fang Yun continued Why is Lishu replaced by a script The accepted statement is that the writing of Lishu is flawed, the lack of coherence of strokes, and the fluency of writing, which is very deadly for the core Extacy Male Enhancement Pills of instrumental text, so The more reasonabl

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e strokes of strokes are replaced.That is, the structure of Extacy Male Enhancement Pills the text is too simple, and the script is more square and more in line with the aesthetics and ideas of the human race.Small inconvenience, the human race gradually tends to be a librarian the Lishu is inconvenient, and the Terran gradually tends to write a book.Now, the Sacred Continent has a trend that is difficult to reverse, and that is the clerk s book from all over the Terrana.Many popular characters have the advantages of positive characters, but they are simpler and easier to write.They can often double the writing efficiency Extacy Male Enhancement Pills of clerk s books I only ask In a sentence, now that the human race is in crisis, in order to spread information more quickly, do you think Extacy Male Enhancement Pills Extacy Male Enhancement Pills it is more reasonable to use complicated formal characters, or is it more reasonable to use simple folk characters Zeng Yuan had no choice but to smile.He said There is really more like the body in the next, but since Extacy Male Enhancement Pills the times need it, it is more reasonable to use the common body characters.The biggest advantage of the popular characters is that it is easy to learn The tone of Fang Yun was very dull, Extacy Male Enhancement Pills but Zeng Yuan was Extacy Male Enhancement Pills a glimpse, a

nd then the face changed slightly. Fang Yun smiled slightly and said It seems that you have already understood the reasons why I compared you to Lu Zhan. The body and mind are not as good as you, the learning time is not as good as you, the energy Extacy Male Enhancement Pills is not as good black capsule male enhancement lot number 280715 as you, in a more intuitive way, the Lu Zhan is learning, learning a lot of poetry articles, at least which male enhancement pills work when the body of the meeting is accumulated to five asian male enhancement pills thousand, at least For five Extacy Male Enhancement Pills years. And you, for a maximum of three years, can accumulate Extacy Male Enhancement Pills up to Extacy Male Enhancement Pills five thousand in the right words. In other words, in the first stage of the study, your gap is two years. However, the common body characters are different, the traditional Chinese characters are simple, easy to remember, and easy to write, which greatly reduces the exercises to strengthen penile muscles learning time. When Lu Zhan has been learning the poetry articles of the popular characters, when the common body characters of the meeting are male extra male enhancement accumulated to five thousand I am afraid that it will only be Extacy Male Enhancement Pills Extacy Male Enhancement Pills four years. Is there a difference between the regular and the regular Extacy Male Enhancement Pills characters for