Natural Sex Pill that he is stupid and lazy, but that I have more than he has too much.As you said, he has to use thousands of times of my efforts to be with me.Thousands of times, at most half a year will be exhausted, so he can t surpass me.Fang Yundao Whether it is diet, heaven and earth, teachers, educational resources, environment or experience, it has a great impact on both of you, but it is not a gap that cannot be crossed.It is not a scorpio that cannot be passed, even if it falls behind you in the school.Once adults, Natural Sex Pill civilians Natural Sex Pill are still likely to close the gap, the gap between the schools is not terrible.The really terrible, the Natural Sex Pill most insurmountable, the most ineffective for the civilian population is that after leaving the school, your family directly deprived our civilians Natural Sex Pill of further opportunities.How do you say this Zeng Yuan asked strangely and found that Fang Yun s tone was extremely heavy and far more solemn than before.As far as Natural Sex Pill I know, after you have Natural Sex Pill lost the test for five consecutive years, you have to

give up temporarily. You are prepared to look for other ways to prepare for the entrance examination. You choose to pretend to be an ordinary person and go to a shop in Zeng s house to be a buddy. Zeng Yuan was somewhat proud, because the old family used to educate the rest of the children. If Luzhan lives in the same place as you, if Luzhan Natural Sex Pill is hard to Natural Sex Pill beat other competitors male extra after hard work, then just because you want to start from the bottom, male enhancement pills reddit choose it, Luzhan lost a precious The Natural Sex Pill opportunity can only go to a huge load of semen worse place to be Natural Sex Pill a buddy. You, jackhammer male enhancement reviews deprived of the opportunity and status that he could have earned Natural Sex Pill through hard work. He would like to say that this is only if, but think about it carefully. When roaring tiger male enhancement I chose to be a Natural Sex Pill buddy in that shop, I just asked someone to bring a sentence. It s so simple that I can t be simple, but now I want to come and I m likely Natural Sex Pill to take away someone who originally belonged to someone else. Fang Natural Sex Pill Yun continued You have been a buddy for half a year, and you have enough understanding of this

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store, so you choose to be the shopkeeper of this store.At the same time, if the treasurer is Luzhan, or if the shopkeeper took over the shopkeeper Natural Sex Pill Then, you have deprived you Natural Sex Pill of a chance for a land Natural Sex Pill show.You step by step, whether you, your brother, or your relatives and friends, you are distributed throughout the Terran.You want to be a civil servant, some want to be a military commander, some want to be a businessman, some want to work.The first step you have taken is to deprive you of the opportunity of countless land exhibitions, not because you are better than Luzhan, not because you are smarter than Luzhan, not because you are reading than Luzhan.There are so many books, just because you have a good mother, you have inherited their power.You think that earning 100 million silver is only a small goal, but I can Natural Sex Pill Natural Sex Pill point to the nose of each of you and say that if you do not have the opportunity to deprive thousands of land exhibitions, you Natural Sex Pill will not be sheltered by your predecessors, and none of you who hav

e achievements now will be even one in ten thousand. Zeng Yuan s atmosphere did not dare to come out, not only because Fang Yun was a false saint, but also because Fang Yun s words almost opened his heart and made him Natural Sex Pill top 5 rated male enhancement products feel ashamed. No, going back to your Natural Sex Pill ancestors, there is always herb for male enhancement germany niubian male enhancement pills one who is on the same starting line as our ancestors. The Natural Sex Pill gap, however, your ancestors have made great achievements and powers through hard work. His power and achievements will not die with his death, and will act on you. Deserved, you should accept it with confidence, and even accept it with german penis enlargment pride and be proud of the achievements of your ancestors. Zeng Yuan was puzzled and did not Natural Sex Pill understand why Fang Yun said inconsistency. However, Fang Yun s words turned and said But there is one thing, you have to remember that the advantages you have now are not enough for you to laugh at our Natural Sex Pill civilians, because most of what you have is from you. Luzhan is not as zylix plus male enhancement reviews good as you, Natural Sex Pill not because of stupidity, not because of laziness, not because of des