Shoot Big Load auction that established the reputation of Ning an Chrysanthemum Breeding County.Many people began to work part time to Shoot Big Load raise chrysanthemums, and set the September 10th as Ning an County Chrysanthemum Exchange Day to recruit flower merchants from all over the world.In terms of the Shoot Big Load other side, this is another improvement in the evaluation of people s livelihood and education.At the beginning of September, Shoot Big Load every tenth of the Wen Bao was published, and a full third of the space was used to report the passing of the Dragon Boat Dragon and the celebrity list and many famous quotes.After reading this Wenbao , the students of the various ethnic groups were greatly Shoot Big Load encouraged.Tens of thousands of scholars decided to bring their Shoot Big Load families to the north, often living in Ning an, resisting the demon Shoot Big Load This issue Shoot Big Load of the Wen Bao shocked a large number of humanities scholars, Fang Yun s name rose again, in the hearts of the people of Jingguo has more than the monarch, the text and the Queen Mother.

cons of male enhancement pills On September 11th, Fang Yun entered the Sanctuary of the County Wenyuan alone, participated in the selection of Sangu, competed with other outstanding scholars, and competed for the position of Sanjinshi. Chapter 988 Selection begins Jinshi Fangyun, came to participate in the selection of the three valleys of the Jinshi male enhancement products 2016 Jinshi. com Fang Yunyi arched his hand, he felt a white light shrouded himself, and then his own Shoot Big Load thoughts were separated from the Shoot Big Load body, just like the book mountain, It was black first, and male enhancement walmart redwood then came to a large school. The school has a length of three miles, and there are rock steps evolve male enhancement around it. There are excellent scholars from all over the world, there are more than one hundred people, and there are four university students and two great Confucian scholars. There are still Shoot Big Load some people standing on the Shoot Big Load ladder stands and not leaving. Fang Yun medical penis enlargement s eyes passed over the two great Confucians, recognizing the two old princes who were Shoot Big Load the temple and the war Shoot Big Load hall. One was the Confuci

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an Daru Gaomo, the other was the military s Daru He Qionghai, both of whom were white haired.After seeing the party, he just nodded gently and did not give Shoot Big Load special treatment.Some of them were in Ning an City a few days ago and left after the Chongyang Cultural Conference.In addition to a few people here, younger, but in their early twenties, most of them are 40 year old veterans, and even 90 year old old birthday stars.And Fang Yun had a lot of talents in the exams in the past year, such Shoot Big Load as Yan Yukong, such Shoot Big Load as Li Fanming, Shoot Big Load but they are too young, lack of combat experience, and can not qualify for the selection of Sangu.The people have already been selected, and after the Shoot Big Load selection of the scholars, they will select Hanlin.Seeing the square game, a number of scholars showed a happy color and walked quickly.Fang brother Fang Xusheng Fang Zhenguo The party saw the recognition of the one on one ceremony, and the seven sons of the Holy Court recognized that there were some middle aged s

cholars who had participated in the hunting field. The rest of the old Jinshi and the Franchise almost did not intersect, but a few more Shoot Big Load special people also came to say hello. They are all Shoot Big Load Qing people, and they are the opponents of Fang Yun in the Wenzhou era There are Zhanghuzhu, who is known for his paintings. There are inks with strong beasts, Yinjia, a doctor who is good at using poison, and Zongjibing, who remembers Fangyun good morning male enhancement pill s memory. The Shoot Big Load ice of the ice family, highest rated male enhancement the power of the ice lord of the ice formed the sub saint position, and Fang Yun had overcome Shoot Big Load liquid male enhancement him through a bitter battle, and this person is a strong competitor Shoot Big Load of the next generation of scholars. Cc a Although these people have a grudge against Fang Yunwen, there is no hostility between handsome up penis pump the two sides today. Seeing them, Fang Yun remembered that Qiu Shoot Big Load Chongshan, who had penis stretching machine the ancient guns of the fangs, died because of his wish to fight in the civil war, and there was a chilling song that smashed the sword and smashed the sword.