Swang Ii Male Enhancement can Swang Ii Male Enhancement find a living with your eyes closed.As long as it is a scholar, you will Swang Ii Male Enhancement have the opportunity to accumulate a small family and become a wealthy household in a township.If you are a good Swang Ii Male Enhancement person Swang Ii Male Enhancement and you are doing business well, you will have a wealth of money and become a famous person in a county.Before the death, the talents were sealed into a treasure, and the wealth was enough for the children and grandchildren to enjoy.As for the scholarship of Cheng Jinshi or higher, even if you don t go to the family business, you will have money to spend.Few scholars who are not officials are purely for the money to commit crimes, and the officials who are officials are not called rapes for money.However, ordinary people who do not have a Swang Ii Male Enhancement literary position are different.One of the beasts is less than a thousand silver, which is comparable to the income of ordinary people for decades.The highest record of the price of the beast is created by a spirit tiger, selling Swang Ii Male Enhancement a high price of 150,000, almost comparable to a scholar.The slaves like the slaves of Swang Ii Male Enhancement

Li Yun and the big rabbits of Li Fanming belong to the beasts. Com strong The beast is Swang Ii Male Enhancement very rare, and as Swang Ii Male Enhancement many as 90 of the people will not see a beast in their lifetime. As early as Swang Ii Male Enhancement hundreds penial pumps of years ago, the semi Sheng Zhang Zhongjing was studied and found that the spirit beast can purify the demon world that is harmful to the human race, and transform it new penis enhancement into the heaven and earth vitality, and the spirit beast can absorb the heaven and earth vitality, so that the concentration of the heaven and earth near the spirit beast nest increase. The five demon mountains are connected with the demon world, and there is a constant penetration of the demon world. Scholars or higher literation scholars are not affected, but low status or ordinary people will be insane in the atmosphere of the demon world for a enzyte male enhancement pills long time. Every prescription drugs for male enhancement information on jacked up male enhancement pills few years, the congregation will inevitably resolve the demon atmosphere around the Wulu Mountain, but at Swang Ii Male Enhancement other times, there will Swang Ii Male Enhancement still be a demon atmosphere to Swang Ii Male Enhancement the surrounding of the Five Demon Mountain. The Terran cannot solve these small de

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mon atmospheres, and can only rely on the spirit beast.The Holy Court issued a Swang Ii Male Enhancement decree a long time ago, prohibiting the capture of wild spirits, but it did Swang Ii Male Enhancement not prohibit the spirit, especially because the Swang Ii Male Enhancement majority of the saints raised the spirits.Even if the Holy Court issued a decree, it could not stop those who wanted to absorb more of the world s vitality, so there appeared a spirit beast dealer who specifically captured the beast and sold it.Later, the Terran found that the meat of the beast was not only delicious, but also prolonged life after eating, and the body was strong, and the fur of the beast was very beautiful, Swang Ii Male Enhancement so more and more people were hunting the beast.Spiritual beasts are scarce, and after hundreds of years of capture, the beasts of many places are on the verge of extinction.The Five Demon Mountain is uniquely endowed with unique environment and many Swang Ii Male Enhancement beasts.Therefore, the five demon mountains in the Sanyuan Continent have become the land where the beast traders are hunting and Swang Ii Male Enhancement beasts.Just over 80 years ago, after a study, the med

ical hall issued a warning to the countries around the Five Demon Mountain. As the spirits continued cock pumps to decrease, the atmosphere of the best testosterone supplement the demon world increased, and the Terran near the Wulu Mountain would be affected, and even the children and grandchildren would Swang Ii Male Enhancement be affected. As a last resort, the Terran countries have increased the punishment for hunting the beasts, and the maximum penalty is the death penalty. However, because the beast dealers have been affected by the demon world for a Swang Ii Male Enhancement long time, and the price of the beast is too high, xanogen phone number as long as they catch more than a dozen, they will be able to live a prosperous life. Many beast dealers are still hunting for the beasts, and often even earn enough. In order to arrest those spirit beast dealers, the official residence Swang Ii Male Enhancement of the government pep v2 male enhancement Swang Ii Male Enhancement near the Five cheap male enhancement extenders Swang Ii Male Enhancement Demon Mountain has a special charge. Zhengde County is within the scope of the Monster Mountain, where there are far more beast dealers than other places. The slained grandson caught the fast, and was a member of the arresting spirit beast Swang Ii Male Enhancement dealer. In order